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Welcome to Milo's Place!

To parents, Milo’s Place is a dynamic, online classroom, full of education activities to help kids 0 -7 learn and develop. To kids – it’s just fun!

Designed for kids ages 0 to 7, Milo’s Place gives kids a completely safe environment in which to explore, learn and play. The high-quality educational games on Milo’s Place are designed to help your child:

  • recognize letter and numbers
  • learn to read
  • practice counting
  • understand basic math concepts

There are also fun and dynamic areas to let kids safely explore the world right from their home computer.

Our littlest users enjoy Milo’s Place on the comfortable lap of mom or dad, but simple navigation and easy to use menus mean preschoolers can also play all on their own, with limited parental supervision.

You can now take Milo's Place with you on your iPhone or iPod Touch with our apps. Play and learn letters, watch and count the jumping monkeys, or build words anywhere!

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